Ordering Online/My Account
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Order Materials Online

Follow these steps to request any copy of a title listed in your search results.

1. Search for the title you want to request.
2. Select the title in the search results, and click Place Request.

The log-in form appears.

3. Type your barcode number (library account number) or user name and password in the appropriate boxes, and click Log in.

The request form appears.

4. Select the name of the library where you want to pick up the item in the Pickup Library box.
5. If you want to activate your request at a future time, type the date in the Activation Date box. The request will be activated immediately if you do not change the activation date.
6. Click Submit Request.
7. Click Return to search results.

Check and Update Your Account
Follow these steps to check your account and update your personal information
1. Click My Account on the menu bar, and click My Record on the My Account menu.
2. Log in if necessary.

The My Record page appears, and the side of the page displays a summary of your account information.

3. Click Contact Information to display your personal information.